Tuesday, December 30, 2008



The secret's out! My name is Matt Davis, I'm 21 and I'm from California. Here's how it happened: Right before Ryan announced he was leaving OS, my best friend Derek heard about it and called me right away to inform me. I never thought I would have a chance at being OS's drummer, considering the 1,000,000 other guys who probably messaged the dudes and sent in their audition vids. But by divine intervention, I had contacted Shane and he got back to me and asked for my number. It pretty much went from there; the dudes and I started talking on a regular basis about EVERYTHING; they had a ton of questions for me and vise versa.

To make a long story short, I flew out to Austin, TX and the dudes picked me up on their way to some shows with Our Last Night and Saosin. I had never seen OS, OLN, or Saosin so I was PUMPED. After those shows, we went back to their home town in Fort Worth. We jammed for about three days; we played some stuff from When I Am God, but the main thing was to try and get some new stuff written. As well as being able to play their songs, the most important aspect that the dudes were looking for was to see what my writing style was like. So they tossed a bunch of riffs at me to see what I came up with. We had exchanged some music before I flew out which made it a little easier but I still had a lot of writing to do. I also couldn't play a lot of the hard drum parts that I wrote haha... Kind of embarassing..

On the last night I was there, all of us went out to dinner. Ryan came and had me take a knee in the place and knighted me as the new drummer of OS. It was hilarious! I've never been more stoked for anything in my life. I've been playing drums for about 9 years and I've finally got what I've been waiting for...

I'm so excited for everything to come; I'm moving to Texas in January and we're gonna get down to business. There is SOOOOO much to do before we hit the studio and start the tours for '09. I hope all you guys are ready!!! This next album is gonna KILL!

If you guys wanna come say hi or if you have any questions, hit me up!


-Matt Davis


Tim said...

Awesome man, congrats.
Lookin' forward to seeing you guys.

Kayzia said...

Nice. From what I saw on your youtube, you seem pretty legit. I'm already jealous of your double bass skills. Can't wait to see you play live.

Rob Copeland said...

You have some big shoes to fill but it sounds like you have the skills. I am stoked to hear you guys again! God bless you all is this transitional year ahead of you.


The Foreigner said...

Wow, that's awesome. I spoke to Lucas at the last show and he seemed pumped about how God provided another drummer for OS. Congrats man, and your stuff on myspace is sick

Secret Service Entertainment said...

That is a great story. Congrats!