Sunday, September 28, 2008

Welcome to the Oh, Sleeper Blogspot!

Archers! Thanks for stopping by. We've always been a band who've connected on a very personal level with our fans and friends. Even if it might not always be good news, we always try to explain ourselves and to give you guys a look into our hearts and souls. Even though we are a band who writes songs and plays music, we are also 5 completely different individuals with different opinions and views on life. I hope that this blog will give you and look into our personal lives and the things we go through on a day to day basis as human beings. If you are a judgmental person, then please try to refrain from making any negative comments. After all, this is the 5 members of Oh, Sleeper in our most honest state. Love you guys.

Lucas Starr
Bass - Oh, Sleeper


solo.nate said...

Raddd! You're officially on my iGoogle homepage. First Jonezetta, now you guys! I'm excited for this.

Melyssa said...

You guys are wonderful

God Bless

wake up oh sleeper said...

All of you are great! You have taught me so much about life and God.

Jesus loves each of you, god bless